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These cases represent the raw material developed by the students as part of their certification project. MIC master students are coming from all over the world and often had to write the case in a non-native language. No material can be reproduced without permission. © Master of Advanced Studies in Intercultural Communication, Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland.
A Case of Mixed-Religion Marriage
Keywords: Catholic, Convert, Ethnocentrism, Family, Judaism, Marriage, Mediation, Mexico, Religion, Stereotypes, Stigmatisation, Values
Adapting to the French Culture
Keywords: Cultural Dimensions, Cultural Values, Culture Shock, Erasmus, Finland, France, Integration, Proximity, Studying Abroad, Time Orientation
A Finnish – Italian Collaboration
Keywords: Cultural Dimensions, Cultural Values, Finland, International Collaboration, Italy, Miscommunication, Task Vs Social Orientation, Time Orientation
A Highly Explosive Gas Deal
Keywords: Economics, Intercultural Negotiations, Iran, Media, Politics, Public Relations, Switzerland
A Parish Council in Nigeria
Keywords: Africa, Critical Incident, Gender, Generation, High Context/Low Context, Individualism/Collectivism, Nigeria, Public Position, Religion, Time Orientation
A Short Guide to Understanding Business Communications in China
Keywords: Business, China, Directness, East-West, Individualism/Collectivism, Intercultural Collaboration, Miscommunication, Temporality
An Unintended Offence
Keywords: Cultural Prejudice, Generalisation, National Identity, National Past, Offence, Stereotypes, Swiss Banks, Switzerland, WWII
Christian Christmas Eve Celebration at Multireligious Schools
Keywords: Christianity, Christmas, Education, Foreign Influence, Islam, Mediation, Parents, Religious Freedom, Schools, Switzerland, Tolerance
Clothing Styles in an Intercultural Setting
Keywords: Airport, Awkward Feeling, Burka, Clothing, Critical Incident, International Setting, Local Customs, Neutral Setting, Stereotypes, Travel
Conflictual Situation among Counterparts in a Pharmaceutical Company
Keywords: Collaboration, Company, Employees, Face Loss, Gender, Intercultural Collaboration, Mediation, Turkey
Creation of Forums for Intercultural Exchange and Formation in Nigeria
Keywords: Africa, Competence, In-Country Diversity, Nigeria, Religious Conflicts, Representations, Social Capital, Stereotypes
Culture Shock in a Professional Environment
Keywords: Collaboration, Culture Shock, Ethnocentrism, Integration, International Organizations, Management Styles, Mexico, Working Relationship, Working Styles
Culture Shock in China
Keywords: China, Cultural Adaptation, Culture Shock, Developmental Model, Going Abroad, Living Conditions, Stages Of Culture Shock, Studying Abroad, Unhappiness
Difficult Collaboration or Difficult Communication
Keywords: Bureaucracy, Collaboration, Critical Incident, Cultural Etiquette, Netherlands, Rules And Procedure, Saudi Arabia, Status And Hierarchy, Western Vs Oriental
Drop the Tie – the Challenges of Reverse Culture Shock
Keywords: (Reverse) Culture Shock, Attire, Clothing, Cultural Configuration, Dress Code, Formality, Job Interviews, Non-Verbal Communication, Work Setting, Working Culture
Edo the Bosnian Driver
Keywords: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Collaboration, Cultural Perception, Employees, Hierarchy, Individualism/Collectivism, Power Distance, Time Perception
Emergent Conflict in an NGO for Torture Victims
Keywords: Arbitration, Cultural Presupposition, Discrimination, Ethnocentrism, Mediation, Rumania, Torture, Trauma, Xenophobia
Fasting the Month of Ramadan at the Workplace
Keywords: Ramadan, Religion, Workplace, Conflict, Mediation Strategies, Inter-Religious Dialogue, Professional Environment
Female Priests in Finland
Keywords: Christianity, Church, Equality, Finland, Gender, Gender Equality, Media, Religion, Religious Beliefs
Field Visit in Afghanistan
Keywords: Afghanistan, Critical Incident, Cultural Assumptions, Gender Relations, Hierarchy, Islam, Religion, Work Abroad
For or Against Religious Instruction for Children
Keywords: Agnostic, Atheist, Baptism, Christianity, Cultural Norm, Education, Mediation, Parents, Personal Choice, Switzerland, Upbringing
Geert Wilders and Islam in the Netherlands
Keywords: Geert Wilders, Immigration, Immigration Policy, Islam, Netherlands, Politics, Religion, Religious Stereotypes, Terrorism
Identity Crisis – Flight and Return
Keywords: Britain, Culture Of Origin, Expat, Going Abroad, Language, Multiple Identities, Stranger, Switzerland, Two Cultures, Values
Immigrating to One’s Country of Origin
Keywords: Culture Of Origin, Identity, Identity Shock, Immigration, Language, Stranger, Switzerland
Managing Diversity
Keywords: Collaboration, Cultural Dimensions, Egypt, Employees, Intercultural Competence, Management Styles, Working Abroad
Meeting New England
Keywords: Adaptation, Culture Shock, Exchange Year, Expectations, Host Family High School, Stereotypes, Study, Teenager, USA, Way Of Life
No Going Back – Coming to Terms with an Intercultural Identity
Keywords: African Immigrant, Culture Shock, Immigration, Monoculturality Vs Multiculturality, Multicultural Environment, Multiple Identities, Saudi Arabia, Studying Abroad
One Size Does Not Fit All
Keywords: Business Culture, Collaboration, Communication, Compensation, Complaint, Individualism/Collectivism, Local Market Knowledge, Translation, Turkey
On Friday We Meet in the Back Yard
Keywords: Discrimination, Islamophobia, Mediation, Minarets, Religion, Right-Wing Politics, Stereotypes, Switzerland
Peace Building in Rwanda
Keywords: Africa, Ethnic Communities, Genocide, Intercultural Competence, Mediation, Peace Building, Rwanda, Stakeholders
Reflexions on the Case of Bosnia-Herzegovina
Keywords: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cultural Values, Ex-Yugoslavia, Mediation, Peace Building, Perception, Religion, Religious Belief
Save the Project on Indigenous People
Keywords: Choice Of Register, Common Ground, Development Cooperation, Ecuador, Indigenous People, Intercultural Negotiations, Negotiation, Non-Verbal Communication, United Nations
Security Issues
Keywords: Collaboration, Cultural Dimensions, Intercultural Awareness, Intercultural Competence, Portugal, Stereotypes, United Kingdom, Working Styles
Swiss Germans and Germans: Divided by a Shared Language
Keywords: Communication, Cultural Dimensions, Germany, Immigration, Language, Linguistic Register, Politeness, Switzerland
Tense Negotiations at the World Youth Forum
Keywords: Forum, Gender, Homosexuality, International Setting, Islam, Mediation, Politics, Polygamy, Values, Western Vs Oriental, Youth
The Alptransit Consortium
Keywords: Collaboration, Language, Mediation, Neat, Röstigraben, Stereotype, Switzerland, Tunnel
The Case of the Jerusalem’s Temple Mount
Keywords: Archeology, Cultural History, Isreal, Mediation, Middle-East Conflict, Palestine, Religion, Religious Symbols
The Chinese Bride
Keywords: Acculturation, China, Cultural Pressure, Family Expectations, Generation, Italy, Marriage, Overseas-Chinese, Parents, Traditions, Two Cultures
The Chinese Restaurant // Invitation by a Stranger
Keywords: Awkward Feeling, Critical Incident, Cultural Values, Discrimination, Gender, Immigration, Individualism/Collectivism, Intercultural Competence, Money, Politeness, Social Reflex, Stereotypes
The Name of the South African Capital
Keywords: Apartheid, Colonialism, Cultural History, Intra-National Diversity, Minorities, Names, South Africa, Symbols
The Pope’s Speech at the University of Regensburg
Keywords: Islam, Mediation, Offence, Religion, Religious Belief, Stereotypes, Vatican, Violence, Western Vs Oriental
The Reception in Pakistan
Keywords: Assumptions, Business Meeting, Critical Incident, Etiquette, Gender Relations, Islam, Pakistan, Public Event
The Referendum on Minarets in Switzerland
Keywords: Inter-Religious Dialogue, Islam, Media, Mediation, Minarets, Muslim Communities, Norms, Public Opinion, Religion, Switzerland, Symbol, Values, Vote
The Visit of the Indian Consultants
Keywords: Collaboration, Critical Incident, Eating Habits, Hierarchy, India, Mediation, Non-Verbal Communication, Outsourcing
The Vote on Minarets
Keywords: Islam, Mediation, Minarets, Religion, Religious Symbols, Religious Values And Identity, Switzerland, Symbol, Vote
Turkish Delight
Keywords: Critical Incident, Dancing, Intercultural Relationship, Meeting The Parents, National Symbol, Non-Verbal Communication, Stereotypes, Turkey, Western Vs Oriental
Wearing a Veil in a Danish School
Keywords: Asylum, Conflict Resolution, Denmark, Education, Immigration, Islam, Mediation, Parents, Religion, Stereotypes, Veil
Yes is not the Answer
Keywords: Collaboration, Critical Incident, Going Abroad, International Setting, Linguistic Meaning, Management, Miscommunication, Philippines, Stress, Time Orientation, Working Style
You Don’t Belong Here
Keywords: Australia, Being Different, Discrimination, Generalisation, Hostility, Immigration, South-East Asian Immigrants, Stereotypes, Two Cultures
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