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The MIC was developed to facilitate the transition from multicultural situations perceived as problematic or with scarce potential towards intercultural ones. Intercultural situations are characterized by encounters, mutual respect and the valorization of diversity by individuals or groups of individuals identifying with different cultures. By making the most of cultural differences, we can improve intercultural communication in civil society, in public institutions, and in the business world. The goal of the MIC team is to help you to excel in your career.

MIC Team

Jolanta Drzewiecka
Professor and Academic Director

Jolanta Drzewiecka (PhD, Arizona State University, USA) conducts research on the construction of cultural, racial, and national differences and identities in discourse to advance to critical intercultural communication framework. She focuses on two areas: immigrant identity and public memories. Prof. Drzewiecka recently moved to Switzerland after teaching and conducting research at Washington State University, USA. She is Academic Director of the Master's of Advanced Studies in Intercultural Communication at USI and incoming Academic Director of the European Master of Intercultural Communication. 


Intercultural Communication Manager   

Eugénia Converso
Operational Director

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela)

Eugenia Converso is Operational Director for the MAS in Intercultural Communication. She will be your contact person from the beginning throughout your graduation, making sure you will complete your curriculum successfully and working hard to guarantee the quality of the program as well as students’ care.

Born and raised in Lausanne, the French-speaking area of Switzerland, close to the United Nations Geneva Office, Eugenia has been exposed to multi-culturalism her whole life. Her greatest interest lies in Intercultural Communication, Migration and Integration, Social and Gender Equality, Human Rights and the Global Development Agenda. She truly believes that intercultural communication competence can have an impact on high-level international relations and that the world needs it more than ever.

Eugenia holds an M.Sc. in Business and Institutional Communication and a MAS in Intercultural Communication from USI. She worked in the private sector before returning to the area she loves most: Education and Intercultural Relations. 



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