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The European Master in Intercultural Communication is your complete semestral intercultural communication program. 

The EUROCAMPUS semester is organized in 8 modules totaling 15 courses and comprises additional learning and training activities.


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Methods of teaching and learning include individual pre-course preparation, direct teacher-student contact, class discussions, individual and group presentations, ethnographic fieldwork, simulation exercises, digital assignments as well as final papers and written exams. This variety is meant to best respond to the expectations and needs of all participants.

All courses are held in English.





What are students saying about EMICC?

Eurocampus is one of the most important stones in the mosaic of my whole education: It made it possible to analyze past experiences and, at the same time, turned out to be the necessary advantage which makes the difference on the competitive job market. 


From an academic point of view, this semester provided me with a new perspective to analyze communication and management. From the professional point of view, Eurocampus was highly valued when I was selected for a five-month internship at the European Commission.


Currently, I'm in the Office of Career Development and Work Placements of my university dealing with the Leonardo and Erasmus programs, and the Eurocampus program was certainly a little extra for me to start working there. 


I believe that Eurocampus was an asset when I got the internship in Berlin (Institute for Cultural Diplomacy) last summer and believe that it will be an asset in the future job hunting as well.


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