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Diversity in the Media

The approach of this module is to discuss and contrast different angles to the media’s role in cross-cultural encounters in society: insider perspectives and outsider perspectives; aspects of media production and journalism, and the changes that this field is currently facing; the change in media landscapes, and the changing functional aspects of media use in different cultural settings including the recent representations of migration into Europe.

During the course we work to detect, identify and analyse mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion of culturally distinct groups. We also look at research on how the media address such situations. To broaden the spectrum, the analysis covers a multitude of different types of encounters: how different media represent and affect ethnicity; religion; immigrant- and diasporic communities; linguistic diversity and minority languages, and the possibilities and problems that come with new media technologies.

The particular tasks of journalism with respect to conceptualizing the world, and in creation of self-identification and social competence are discussed against practical examples from different cultural settings. Attention is given to how media works in representing the cultural “self” and “others”, based on the literature distributed before the course. The role of the media is discussed against examples of good and bad practice. 

Intercultural Communication Education DegreeThe predicament of cultures in a mediatized society;
Intercultural Communication Education DegreeThe role of journalism and media in the evolution of migration and intercultural relations;
Intercultural Communication Education DegreeMedia and (national, ethnic, linguistic, religious …) minorities;
Intercultural Communication Education DegreeNew forms of media and journalism and their relations to social networks, cultures and sub-cultures;
Intercultural Communication Education Degree Useful practices in intercultural communication.

Lorenzo Cantoni
Tom Moring