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Psychology of Prejudice and Stereotyping

Psychology offers a nuanced understanding of the link between the individual, emotion, cognition, and culture. How are the "cultural" dimensions of human behavior taken into account in psychology? What is the place of culture in this discipline? What can be the contributions of psychology to the understanding of intercultural communication? The theoretical contributions will be brought through numerous examples and activities so that the participants can establish links with their practices and concerns and develop a "psychosocial and cultural" approach to intercultural communication.


  • To study some approaches that examine the links between culture and the individual, culture and thought;
  • To develop an approach in psychology that considers cultural dimensions as constitutive of identity processes, thought and communication;
  • To familiarize students with some classical theories of modern social psychology relevant to the study of intercultural communication.


  • Psychosocial processes of migrant acculturation; 
  • Psychosocial bases of multicultural training;
  • Theories of prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination;
  • Experimental methods in social psychology.
Nathalie Müller Mirza
Christian Staerklé