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Psychology of culture and prejudice

This course will present socio-psychological approaches that examine the links between culture and the individual, culture and thought. It will then present an approach in psychology that considers cultural dimensions as constitutive of identity processes, thought and communication. It will present both classic theories and cutting-edge approaches as well as new research findings.

This course will present theoretical frameworks for understanding prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination as well as links among the three. We will address intergroup relations and conflicts. We will discuss the relevance of the concept of racism distinguishing between the so called “old” and “new” racisms and the different forms they take at the present. We will then consider implications for integration of migrants.

Intercultural Communication Education DegreePrejudice, stereotyping and discrimination;
Intercultural Communication Education DegreeCulture and identity;
Intercultural Communication Education DegreePsychological effects on refugees and other targets;


Prof. Dr. Nathalie Muller Mirza 
Prof. Dr. Eva Green