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Policies and Processes of Integration in Society

This module addresses macro (i.e. society) meso (i.e. community) and micro (i.e. individual and family) processes of integration. In order to set the scenery of such processes, the module begins by studying the diversity of migrant population and integration policies in Europe; this allows locating the Swiss experience in the broader European picture. Moreover, it outlines the main theoretical approaches to integration in the scientific literature in order to provide a common background for the study of integration processes. More generally, the module shows the dynamic of ethnic boundaries at play in integration processes. Finally, the module tackles the issue of the interplay between processes of integration and migrants’ transnational practices.

Intercultural Communication Education DegreeDiversity in migration and integration policies;
Intercultural Communication Education DegreeTheoretical frames for integration processes;
Intercultural Communication Education Degree Structural integration: a quantitative approach;
Intercultural Communication Education DegreeIntergenerational social mobility: resource mobilization, strutural barriers and ethnic boundaries;
Intercultural Communication Education DegreeIntegration and transnationalism.

Rosita Fibbi
Ruedin Didier