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Law and Multiculturality

Legal aspects of Multiculturalism

First Part Topics

After a general introduction to human rights, emphasis will be placed on the limits to fundamental freedoms and on the legal mechanisms that ensure respect for these freedoms at national and international level.

  • Human rights (human rights) and / or "rights of cultures";
  • The legal choices of the State in the face of multiculturalism;
  • Citizenship and integration policies today.

Second Part Topics

    In the second part, the course will concentrate on three guarantees that are essential today in a multicultural context. 

    • Freedom of religion, in particular, the right to express one's religious beliefs and proselytism and the denominational neutrality of the state;
    • Freedom of language, in particular, the status of official languages, and the conflict between freedom of language and the principle of territoriality;
    • Equal treatment, in particular, the prohibition of discrimination.
    Bertil Cottier