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Who is this Master's program for?


This program is designed, first and foremost, for professionals who manage multicultural situations on the operational or strategic level, as well as for those who play or will play a leading role in promoting cultural cohabitation, such as practitioners and management staff in:

  • public administration;
  • international organizations;
  • non-governmental organizations;
  • development and cooperation organizations;
  • the business world (production, trade, tourism, etc.);
  • the media;
  • educational institutions;
  • religious institutions.

Countries of origin of MIC participants since the start of the program (2004):

MIC participants’ nationalities (since 2004)

MIC1-7 participants' educational background:

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Average age: 37 years
Average professional experience: 12 years

Intercultural Communication DegreeApplying and eventually being admitted to the Master in Intercultural Communication has indeed been one of my best personal investments I have done over the last few years!

Sturle Hauge Simonsen
Head of Communications
Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden