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Sturle Hauge Simonsen, Norvegian, Head of communications at Stockholm Resilience Centre

Applying and eventually being admitted to the Master in Intercultural Communication has indeed been one of my best personal investments I have done over the last few years. It has provided me with a personal and professional boost that I didn’t expect when first starting the course. An intercultural study atmosphere itself, this master provides you with a key understanding of the dynamics behind intercultural conflicts, be it actual or potential ones. Through course work and extremely stimulating discussions, we have been forced to change our perspectives and learn that a proper understanding of an intercultural issue can only be reached when you have the fundamental reflective tools to do so. This master provides you with these tools: You learn to be aware of stereotypes, or better, to see beyond them. You learn to recognise the fact that there are ususally at least two sides of a story and that sensitivity, respect and openess to others are key aspects of international relations. The MIC not only opens up doors to new career prospects, but also social networks beyond borders. The weeks together in Lugano are not just about studying and working, but also spending time together with people from all corners of the world, true intercultural communication. You will be spending time with people that not only are culturally enriching but also linguistically impressive. You will be part of an environment that will inspire you, engage you and challenge you. Good luck!
Sturle Hauge Simonsen