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Smaranda Calin, Romanian, Psychologist

Studying during the Executive Master in Intercultural Communication at the University of Lugano proved to be a very interesting period within my career. A Psychologist as background, I was working back in Bucharest with traumatized refugees and migrants and victims of torture among Romanian former political prisoners from the totalitarian regime period that ended in 1989. The courses I attended during the programme as well as the fruitful exchanges I had with the colleagues coming from various educational and cultural backgrounds and experiences were extremely helpful in my daily work. Valuable theoretical and practical information received during courses such as Political Philosophy, Linguistics, Sociology or Developmental Project and Intercultural Project Design were useful in diversifying and bringing more creative ideas in my activity as a Project Coordinator and Counselor for refugees and asylum seekers. Add to this the pretty location of little Lugano with magnolias and camellias in bloom almost all year long and you will have the picture of the MIC! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Smaranda Calin