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Monica Moedano Romero, Mexican, Translator

I finished my university studies more than 5 years ago, but I still felt like studying something really challenging, interesting and original. I also wanted to study a Master degree in Europe because I had always fell attracted by its cultures, and considering my love for the Italian culture and language, it was very interesting for me to find such a complete and updated Executive Master Programme in Intercultural Communications in the Italian region of Switzerland. I must say that studying in Lugano has been a very enriching experience both at the professional and personal level. I appreciate very much the way this Master is organized as our competitive professors come from different universities of Europe just to teach us, so we can have different points of view for all the subjects. It has also been very interesting to meet students from different countries and cultures such as Moldavia, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Italy, Nigeria, and Swiss people from the different cantons. I am sure I will have the necessary foundations to improve my professional skills and get a better job when I will be back in Mexico.
Monica Moedano Romero