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Doina Teresia Buzut, Moldovian, Master in Philosophy and Theology

I come from a philosophical and theological background. It is therefore a challenge for me to participate in MIC program. Until now I learned to look at the world and the relations in it with the eyes of God, now I have an opportunity to look at it with the eyes of man. I must confess that the first helps me a lot in order to understand the second. I am very happy with the rich list of subjects from different fields that are proposed by the program. The Staff is very disposed for collaboration and it is very easy to deal with. Every problem has a quick solution. Amazing! But the most interesting thing is the working together in groups. The students are people from different countries, with different backgrounds and experiences. This is a true font of treasure. When we work together without much effort we enrich each other by learning from each other. This is practical Intercultural Communication. In my opinion, if continuing so, the program will have a great future.
Doina Teresia Buzut