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Flavia Monceri


Flavia Monceri (Pisa, Italy, 1965) is associate professor of Political philosophy at the University of Molise (Italy), where sie teaches also Philosophy of the social and communication sciences. Among hir research interests: continental philosophy (from Nietzsche on), queer and transgender theories, intercultural communication, film philosophy, complexity and systems theories, East Asian cultures, religions, and institutions (especially Japan). Among hir recent books: Ordini costruiti. Multiculturalismo, complessità, istituzioni [Constructed orders. Multiculturalism, complexity, institutions], Rubbettino, Soveria Mannelli 2008; Soltanto la nuda verità. Weininger, Klimt, Schiele [Only the naked truth. Weininger, Klimt, Schiele], forthcoming. Sie is the series editor of Difforme at Edizioni ETS, Pisa.