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Make your CV Stand Out with the most Up-to-date Intercultural Competences and Skills!

The Master of Advanced Studies in Intercultural Communication (MIC) is a part-time postgraduate program for professionals engaged in managing operational or strategic situations in a multicultural context and in managing multicultural human resources.

Founded in 2004, MIC is the only academic program in intercultural communication of its kind in Europe.

This master's program equips participants with the means to successfully engage multicultural issues and opportunities at the professional, public, and personal levels.

Earn a Master's degree while working

The MIC program's flexible structure allows participants to pursue their professional activity:

Master  od Advanced Studies - MAS: 18 modules distributed over 9 weeks of study (one week-long session every 2 months) plus the Personal Project. 

Diploma of Advanced Studies - DAS:  12 modules that can be chosen among the 18 modules of the master and organized individually tailored to your career goals.

Local and global engagement

Classes will be held in 6 diverse locations: Lugano, Lausanne, Geneva, Berne, Fez (Morrocco) and Bangkok (Thailand).

Interactive format

Lectures and discussions focus on issues that are currently debated in media, organizations, and personal conversation.They often spark intense disagreement and controversy. Our goal is to illuminate why these issues spark disagreement or confusion and how we can address them to the benefit of everyone involved. Participants coming from all over the world contribute to creating a truly intercultural experience, where cognitive and emotional aspects play their part, too.

Creative thinking

Students are challenged to think outside dominant norms to develop deep insight and interpretations as well as creative solutions. Students are encouraged to disagree in the spirit of critical exploration.

Outstanding faculty

An international faculty of over 30 professors and guest speakers from renowned universities, institutions and organizations around the world guarantees academic excellence to the program and ensures its multidisciplinary and multicultural orientation.


MIC has a long history of bilingual French and English education. To increase accessibility, the official language is now English. 

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Intercultural Communication Master